Ragged Homespun Primitive Handbag


ragged homespun primitive purse

Jubilee Creative Studio once made these adorable handbags and sold them at craft shows. Eventually we hope to have a pattern available since we no longer make the finished product. This ragged style handbag is made from 100% cotton homespun fabric.  There is a pocket on the inside designed for your cell phone or  your  shades!  The seams and edges of the homespun fabric have been frayed and ragged to create a shabby, primitive effect. 





rustic red homespun primitive purse

primitive homespun purseblack homespun purse, ragged fabricrustic red primitive homespun purserustic red ragged homespun fabric pursegreen primitive homespun pursegreen ragged homespun primitive fabric purseprimitive fabric homespun pursehoney ragged primitive homespun pursehomestead shabby primitive pursehomestead primitive homespun fabric pursenavy homespun fabric primitive pursenavy primitive shabby homespun pursehot pink shabby homespun ragged pursehot pink primitive homespun fabric pursewarm red homespun primitive fabric pursewarm red ragged homespun shabby pursesalsa red homespun fabric primitive pursesalsa red shabby homespun fabric purseyellow stripe homespun fabric primtive purseyellow fabric shabby homespun fabric ragged purse

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